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This delay in diagnosis is largely attributable to the nonspecific nature of early symptoms, which are often consistent with benign nasal and sinus obstructions.
In that case, it found that the revenue ruling was reasonable and consistent with both the Code and the regulations.
Indeed, history has clearly demonstrated that religionists are both capable and willing to kill consistent with their sacred scriptures and customs.
Likewise, for the majority (75%) of third graders, the presentation language(LP) of the initial event remembered was consistent with the language used by the bilingual experimenter to initiate recall (i.e., if recall was initiated in Greek (English), the first event remembered by the participant was initially heard in Greek (English).
In brief, all of the non-magnet-ramping runs yield results that are consistent with one another.
Based on all the facts of record, the Board has concluded that the financial and managerial resources and future prospects of the institutions and the other supervisory factors involved are consistent with approval of the proposal.
We expect SPI to market their space consistent with their net leases to all manner of office tenants- from large to small space users, from private sector to not-for-profits to governmental lessees, from US to international organizations.
Women with low relationship control were significantly more likely to report inconsistent condom use (OR 2.10, 95% CI 1.17-3.78), which is consistent with the findings of other studies (25,30).
The Spire CXP3535e features a new user interface, providing a workflow process consistent with those delivered by systems designed for high-end production environments.
They also must define the goals and objectives so that they are consistent with the portfolio's resources and the constraints of applicable documents and statues.
"It's critical that messages for an investment analysts' event are consistent with the story we present at a press conference and the exhibit we use for a trade show."
The identification of CGUs must be consistent with the company's strategic direction.