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It should be emphasized that the ic-0 and ic-5 relationships presented so far have various potentials for consonance and dissonance.
Thus, a theory of trichordal consonance and dissonance that parallels the two-part theory ought to show the 016 trichord as far more dissonant than trichords 037, 025, and 027.
Determination of trichordal consonance and dissonance proceeds as follows.
The cr measure creates a ranking of the twelve trichords on the basis of average consonance and dissonance, as summarized in Example 19.
Knopoff, "The Acoustical Component of Western Consonance," Interface 7 (1978): 1-29, which develops a standard model for measuring the sensory consonance and dissonance of chords; J.
The upshot of all this is that 'sweetness' was in fact a narrowly circumscribed quality, ultimately dependent on the supposedly objective distinction between consonance and dissonance, but in addition on speed, spacing, scoring, voice-leading, dissonance treatment, superimpositions of consonances, and various other 'inwardly perceived' aspects that presuppose skill, art and experience on the part of the composer.