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This sort of barter is not contradictory to nature, nor is it any species of money-getting; but is necessary in procuring that subsistence which is so consonant thereunto.
J is a consonant in English, but some nations use it as a vowel --
You have used the wrong initial consonant," he smiled in answer.
General Rosas could not have known of this rising; but it appears to be quite consonant with the plans of his party.
Even the man's start and suspicious stare as the priest went by were consonant enough with the vigilance and jealousy of such a type.
This behaviour of Mrs Bridget greatly surprised Mrs Deborah; for this well-bred woman seldom opened her lips, either to her master or his sister, till she had first sounded their inclinations, with which her sentiments were always consonant.
The remaining trios of consonants appear in the words in the order of their presentation.
robustus could have heard high-frequency consonants associated with the letters T, K, F and S better than either chimps or present-day people do, the team found.
The study centers on the child's ability to decipher speech -- specifically consonants -- in a chaotic, noisy environment.
the elements of which are roots such as (core consonants marked in bold) batta 'to cut', badaha 'to hit someone with a stick', tabara 'to break', tabala 'to annihilate', and many more.
From various studies it was found that the dialect Makassar has 19 consonants, namely /p/, /b/, /d/, /t/, /k/, /g/, /?
For example, in the paradigm of the verb kulpia 'to wash' two of the three stem groups ending with different vowels contain alternations of three consonants and one of them contains an alternation of two consonants within the same alternation series: