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Constans, who was "seen by the captain to jump into the gig," luckily for us and unluckily for himself did not reach us.
Among their topics are east and west from a Visigoth perspective: how and why Frankish brides were negotiated in the late sixth century, private records of official diplomacy: the Franco-Byzantine letters in the Austrasian Epistolar Collection, Mediterranean homesick blues: human trafficking in the Merovingian leges, the portrayal of Emperor Tiberius II in Gregory of Tours, and when contemporary history is caught up by the immediate present: Fredegar's proleptic depiction of Emperor Constans II.
The group includes coins dating to the reign of Emperor Constans or Constantius II (AD 348-50) and Emperors Magnentius and Decentius (AD 350-53).
EC Mogador, terre des rythmes et des arts, se produiront tour a tour le Quatuor Danel de la Philharmonie de Paris, l'Orchestre philharmonique du Maroc, qui sera accompagne pour la premiere fois a Essaouira par le Chœur philharmonique du Maroc et la grande soprano Anais Constans, en plus d'une matinee jeunes talents Mazaya.
Several singers attempted to do at least two of these competitions, including Montreal finalists Anais Constans (Operalia), Hyesang Park (Operalia) and Keonwoo Kim (Tchaikovsky), while others chose (or were chosen) to take on no more than one.
Belarus - Marina Pinchuk (mezzo-soprano) Belarus - Nadine Koutcher (soprano) Canada - Aviva Fortunata (soprano) France - Anais Constans (soprano) Germany - Sebastian Pilgrim (bass) Italy - Roberto Lorenzi (bass-baritone) Malta - Nico Darmanin (tenor) Mongolia - Amartuvshin Enkhbat (baritone) Norway - Ingeborg Gillebo (mezzo-soprano) Switzerland - Regula Muhlemann (soprano) South Africa - Kelebogile Besong (soprano) South Korea - Insu Hwang (bass-baritone) South Korea - Jaeyoon Jung (tenor) South Korea - Jongmin Park (bass) Turkey - Ilker Arcayurek (tenor) Ukraine - Oleksiy Palchykov (tenor) USA - J'nai Bridges (mezzo-soprano) USA - Lauren Michelle (soprano) USA - Ryan Speedo Green (bass-baritone) Wales - Celine Forrest (soprano)
Guilhem Constans, director of Centre Franco--Omanais, was also present.
SCHULLER, Th.--ZUMBULT, M., Iustitia est constans et perpetua voluntas ius suum cuique tribuendi, Ludgerus Verlag, Essen 2014, 386 pp., ISBN 978-3-87497-283-3.
Through Kholoud's exhibiA[degrees] tion, students and visitors can interact with the FrenchA[degrees]speaking community in Oman, according to Guilhem Constans, director of the centre.
In Arabidopsis thaliana, the CONSTANS (CO) gene plays a pivotal role in the photoperiodic pathway controlling floral transition.