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CONSTITUENT. He who gives authority to another to act for him. 1 Bouv. Inst. n. 893.
     2. The constituent is bound with whatever his attorney does by virtue of his authority. The electors of a member of the legislature are his constituents, to whom he is responsible for his legislative acts.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Addressing the meeting dubbed: 'Bantama - Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow', the MP indicated that he had personally created 615 jobs from his own enterprise, and gave the assurance to support the constituents in areas of employment, education and economic empowerment.
Mrs Trevelyan said her constituents were telling her "We voted to leave, please take us out.
The respondents regaled us with stories about the services they provided to constituents, from the tale about the constituent who requested help from their MLA to heat their budgie's cage during the winter to the MLA who received a call from a woman about a blocked toilet.
The medications were separated into three categories: constituents available as generic medication at identical doses, generic constituents at different doses, and therapeutically equivalent generic substitutes (20, three, and six medications, respectively).
Mr Mackay said: "It is important politicians don't sit in their offices waiting for constituents to come to them, but instead, get out there and hear directly from the local community and offer assistance when needed.
Former Sindh chief minister Murad Ali Shah, former opposition leader Khursheed Shah and former provincial minister Nasir Hussain Shah were among the PPP leaders who were confronted by dissatisfied constituents.
He said he had already consulted the council secretaries who advised him that his wish could only be endorsed by his constituents.
He is not a delegate, a mere nonentity dispatched to vote in accordance with the mandated instruction of his master, rather he is elected to represent his constituents as a whole.
Swank Capital, LLC and its subsidiary Cushing Asset Management, LP have announced an interim change to constituents of The Cushing MLP Market Cap Index effective May 8, 2018, the company said.
Ms Adamson said:"It was great to get out in Craigneuk with Councillor Magowan to speak to our constituents.
I'm one of Roskam's constituents, and I've grown increasingly frustrated by his unwillingness over the last 10 years to meet with constituents in anything but carefully choreographed and controlled circumstances.