Constituted authorities

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CONSTITUTED AUTHORITIES. Those powers which the constitution of each people has established to govern them, to cause their rights to be respected, and to maintain those of each of its members.
     2. They arc called constituted, to distinguish them from the constituting authority which has created or organized them, or has delegated to an authority, which it has itself created, the right of establishing or regulating their movements. The officers appointed under the constitution are also collectively called the constituted authorities. Dall. Dict. mots Contrainte par corps, n. 526.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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"(It is committed) by means of speeches, proclamations, writings, emblems, cartoons, banners, or other representations tending to the same end, or upon any person or persons who shall utter seditious words or speeches, write, publish, or circulate scurrilous libels against the Republic of the Philippines or any of the duly constituted authorities thereof," it read.Inciting to sedition is a bailable case.
It also condemned in the strongest term any form of armed violence and coup attempt to overthrow legally constituted authorities in Turkey and in African countries.
Oh, of course, our constituted authorities go through certain motions of control.
"UNMIS remains concerned that there may be elements that are directing attacks against institutions of the state." The UN mission further urged "the Government of Southern Sudan and other duly constituted authorities to further strengthen their efforts to identify and bring to justice the perpetrators of these crimes." The mission however said encouraged by the increased efforts of Jonglei State to restore order and deter retaliatory attacks in the aftermath of the latest violence and to pursue dialogue and reconciliation among all concerned parties.
Focusing on English, linguists consider theoretical issues impacting the research, political interaction, interaction with legally constituted authorities, workplace interaction, code switching, and the FAQ in an electronic community.
''The Armed Forces of the Philippines remains to be loyal to the constituted authorities to include the judicial, legislative and executive branch of the government and we are taking orders from our commander-in-chief, who is the president,'' military spokesman Lt.
Rather, as Jennifer Fisk Rondeau states in the Terpstra volume, the confraternities' practice of writing statutes and electing officials permitted them to speak and act corporately in the public sphere; this made them potentially su bversive to constituted authorities. On the other hand, especially by the sixteenth century, church and state officials recognized that confraternities were apt instruments for implementing their new social and religious policies.
Such an approach tends to justify the exclusion of women from certain activities;(34) the introduction of Roman law was, in fact, frequently accompanied by the diminution of the female as a juridical person.(35) During the twelfth and thirteenth centuries, however, Flanders enjoyed a fundamentally Germanic system of law and custom that was based more on negotiation among groups and less on decisions of constituted authorities.(36)
'We pledge today that we shall ensure that our members are law abiding, obedient and respectful to constituted authorities while promising to go all out to ensure that criminal elements were flushed out of our communities and ethnic groups which may even make the enactment of the anti-open grazing law no longer necessary or obsolete.
One charge stemmed from the senator's remarks against the president during the amnesty rowthat "were intended to instill in the minds of the people a feeling of hatred and distrust towards the President of the Philippines, the Government and its duly constituted authorities.