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The Construction Lien Amendment Act for Ontario passed its third reading in December and will hopefully go into effect in the next several months, said Chad Kopach, Esq.
Bill 142 introduced prompt payment measures to be folded into an overhaul of the Construction Lien Act, which hadn't been updated since the early 1980s.
is providing our members a seminar on construction lien law for private and public jobs, as well as construction contracts.
Construction law deals with matters relating to the design and construction of improvements on private and public projects including, but not limited to, construction dispute resolution, contract negotiation, preparation, award and administration, lobbying in governmental hearings, oversight and document review, construction lending and insurance, construction licensing, and the analysis and litigation of problems arising out of the Florida Construction Lien Law, F.
Preparing construction lien documents, such as notices of commencement and lien waivers.
Specifically, the Romspen case provides an example of where a secured lender might have benefited from the extraordinary remedies available under the Construction Lien Act (Ontario) (CLA).
A construction lien is a claim made by contractors and suppliers of materials who have performed work on a property but who have not yet been paid.
Construction Lien Law: Florida Construction Lien Law permits a lien to be placed against their property if any individual working on the property or providing materials for the construction of their home is not paid-in-full.
Dudley chaired the study group that re-wrote Florida's Construction Lien laws (Chapter 713), and successfully sponsored every statutory change thereto from 1990 to 1998.
Mechanics' or construction lien rights are a powerful collection tool for trade creditors involved in the construction industry.
The report, which was finally released by the province in September, is expected to provide fodder to craft and introduce a new Construction Lien Act next spring.
Elkins of Orlando focuses on construction defect claims, delay claims, construction lien issues, contract disputes, and personal injury matters.

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