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10 of the construction lien law is entitled "Extent of Liens," and provides that a lien "shall extend to, and only to, the right, title, and interest of the person who contracts for the improvements as such right, title, and interest exists at the commencement of the improvement.
Fred Dudley is Senior Counsel with the international law firm of Holland & Knight, and is a Florida Bar Board Certified Construction Lawyer with almost 40 years of experience in real estate practice, emphasizing construction liens, licensing and disciplinary cases.
Remember that, in Florida, a construction lien may be recorded for amounts owed for work performed, not just for sums due.
If bills for labor, services or materials used to construct an improvement to real estate are not paid in full, a construction lien may be placed against the property.
At issue was the Bankruptcy Court's ruling that under New Jersey's Construction Lien Law, contracts for large-scale, multi-dwelling construction projects constitute "residential construction contracts" and therefore are subject to the additional prerequisites attendant to filing a valid lien claim.
The bill provides substantive and technical revisions to the state's construction lien law.
Included in the service are Aspen's: Construction Law Handbook, a two-volume reference set that covers construction law and practice; Fifty State Construction Lien and Bond Law, a resource that carries information on statutes, mechanics' liens, payment bonds, performance bonds and bid bonds; Alternative Clauses to Standard Construction Contracts, a book that carries alternative clauses and amendments to standard forms; and, Construction Litigation: Practice Guide with Forms.
The settlement agreement with Armistead is the final of five settlement agreements reached over the past several months with construction vendors that had filed construction lien claims against Converted Organics related to the construction of the Company's facility in Woodbridge, New Jersey.
The Construction Lien Act allows contractors to file within 45 days of substantial completion of a project which can hurt trades like dry-wallers and painters, usually the last ones to leave a construction site.
The subcontractor looks at the release, which recites, "Subcontractor hereby releases all of its rights to claim payment and construction lien rights for all work performed through the date hereof.
deal with owners, receivers, construction lien holders and lenders with regard to workouts and related financial issues;
Can a general contractor bring an action to discharge a construction lien filed by one of its subcontractor, despite the fact that the general contractor is neither the lien claimant nor the property owner?

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