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(9.) This interpretation of Montaignian consubstantiality adds--without objecting--to readings that refer it principally to self and self-portraiture, such as those by Regosin and by Brush.
Consubstantiality occurs when individuals come together for a common purpose based on perceived commonality; rhetors create consubstantiality by persuading their audiences that their interests and those of the many are joined (Burke 1969).
Either way, upon aligning oneself with CFM and/or internalizing the rhetoric of the church, the HIV/AIDS mission of CFM becomes a means of creating consubstantiality with PLWHA.
(21) Corin Braga claims that only in language such trans-real spaces acquire a vivid and authentic reality and influence (in the sense that language allows them to become constitutive) and, as such, he sees them first and formost as linguistic realities capable (in consubstantiality with our active consciousness) to actualize and objectify intentions: "When related to 'l'imaginaire', religion appears as a function of the human brain.
This kind of 'consubstantiality' existing between a constitution and the antecedent fluid mass of values which had crystallised into the former in the first place remains one constant to ensure that the spirit of the constitution is not violated by the periodic chops and changes in the body of the constitution made necessary to keep pace with moving times.
For Wourm, such works alter poetry's centeredness on linguistic operations (she indicates their overt anti-Jakobsonian poetics, 118) but also on the conceit of consubstantiality with a single person, since most of these works involve technical collaborators.
This is the radical premise of the Essays: The record of a life within its pages torments reflection with the thought that between the inward sense and the outward profile there is "consubstantiality." Montaigne employs this term to describe the rare uniqueness of the book he has composed.
Miller finds that Makin's male voice is part of her desire for consubstantiality, an inclusion with the governing group, in order to achieve credibility and a willing audience for her unconventional assertion of women's educability.
(18.) By his analyses on the writings of soldiers of the Freikorps, Theweleit established the fantasmatic consubstantiality of the notions of liquids, the feminin and the crowd and their propensity to put in danger the assertion of modern masculine subjectivity.
(223) See, e.g., KENNETH BURKE, A RHETORIC OF MOTIVES 21, 55 (University of California Press 1969) (asserting that rhetorical effectiveness in essence is a function of identification that produces an "acting together" or "consubstantiality" between author and audience, for, in the broadest sense, "[y]ou persuade a man only insofar as you can talk his language by speech, gesture, tonality, order, image, attitude, idea, identifying your ways with his").
Therefore, these not only indicate origin and emanation which leads to distinction among them; but they indicate also quality, consubstantiality, and inseparability, from which an express testimony is given to the fact that God is a trinity" (de Mysterio Trinitatis, 1, 2, conclusion; cf.
He proposed the "consubstantiality" of a rite and a passage.