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We were told there were letters sent to four consulates in San Francisco and five in Los Angeles - all Muslim consulates,'' Middlebrook said.
A large number of people broke into the consulate compound in Chengdu and severely burned the consulate general's residence, said Tom Cooney, an embassy spokesman in Beijing.
With the pending opening of the Rosario Castellanos Document Center in the consulate, she'll be able to invite the curious in to find out for themselves.
The consulates track down lost minors, collect child support, visit Mexicans in U.
Opened in 1790 under George Washington's administration, it was the first consulate created by the newborn United States of America, and closed its doors after 205 years of service, interrupted only briefly during World War II.
The plan for a UAE consulate in Thiruvananthapuram had been in the making for a few years.
Suspicious envelopes were found at the Belgian, Canadian, French, German and US consulates general in ystanbul on Friday, prompting units from AFAD to conduct detailed searches of the buildings.
Previously, officials had said that 16 people had been hospitalised after the yellow powder was delivered to the consulates Friday.
The government had already approved the opening of a consulate of Kuwait in the northern city of Irbil, the cabinet added in a statement, and would have the right to open a consulate in Kuwait in future.
According to a CNN-IBN report, Mumbai Police was alerted by the Western Naval Command Headquarters about a possible terror attack on the US Consulate in Mumbai in July.
Indian expatriates from the south Indian city of Hyderabad welcomed Saudi Arabia's intent to open a consulate in the historic Muslim metropolis.
Germany's Foreign Ministry has notified Bulgaria's Embassy in Berlin that it does not object to the opening of a Bulgarian consulate in the city of Frankfurt am Main.