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Public officials stationed in a foreign country who are responsible for developing and securing the economic interests of their government and safeguarding the welfare of their government's citizens who might be traveling or residing within their jurisdiction.


Ambassadors and Consuls.

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This event is part of the European Honorary Consuls Home Office Consultation and Country Appreciation Visit which is being conducted in partnership with the Department of Tourism and the Department of Trade and Industry.
Terrado, together with Edward Wenceslao, senior vice president and group head for international desks of BDO Unibank, welcomed the honorary consuls.
Senen Mangalile, deputy chief of mission and consul general of the Embassy of the Philippines to the United Kingdom, was elected as the 2018 president of the Consular Corps of London (CCL) on December 13.
According to the co-operation agreement, nearly 70 Honorary Consuls in Bulgaria will be actively involved in the preparation and organisation of the Euro Presidency of Bulgaria.
Baig was also the Chairman Public Relation and Media Central Committee of World Federation of Consuls (FICAC).
Var of consuls leaving carnations on explosion site
Consuls for their long period of service for the promotion of Sri Lanka in the different regions of Germany, the Ambassador elaborated the initiatives the Government has taken to develop the country and the strategies instated to drive economic growth.
In 1910, the consul sent the Department 12 copies of certificates "of American citizens who have re- registered at the Consulate since July 21st, 1910.
The Honorary Consuls held meetings with top state officials, representatives of the local government, the chambers of commerce, and business owners and had an opportunity to learn firsthand about Macedonia's development potential in the areas of business, tourism and culture.
The honorary consuls thanked President al-Assad for his support and interest in the expatriates' affairs, stressing keenness for doing their duty to boost Syria's image and defend its stances and just causes.
as well as consuls general in Toronto, Houston, Los Angeles, New York, Chicago and Boston (where a consulate general will open).