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Public officials stationed in a foreign country who are responsible for developing and securing the economic interests of their government and safeguarding the welfare of their government's citizens who might be traveling or residing within their jurisdiction.


Ambassadors and Consuls.

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"Consul," remarked the detective, dogmatically, "great robbers always resemble honest folks.
"Unless," objected the consul, "he is exceptionally shrewd.
This observation furnished the detective food for thought, and meanwhile the consul went away to his office.
"But he must go to the consul's in person, so as to establish his identity."
A sigh of joy heaved the vast chest of the Corsican, who held out his hand to the First Consul, saying:--
Lady Janet had risen softly from her chair and had passed behind him with the purpose of reading the consul's letter for herself over her nephew's shoulder.
"Great heavens, sir!" Consul Lingford exploded, staring horror-stricken at the man whom he had invited to lunch.
Consul Lingford gulped and sawed the air speechlessly with his arms.
"That?" Consul Lingford queried, in accent of horror.
"It's true that some honorary consuls are very peculiar people," said former diplomat Rastislav Mojto.Honorary consuls need to be financially secure since they do not receive any salary for serving in the post, and often need to invest their own funds into the consulate's operation.
"This is a new activity that we have kicked off at the Foreign Ministry, which is to gather honorary consuls in a full-day workshop because they are part of the Lebanese diplomatic corps," Bassil said, deeming Honorary Consuls an integral part of the diplomatic family.