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This decision, promised in the Pastoral Letter of 1961, has been made after long and prayerful deliberation, and has been unanimously approved by the members of the Archdiocesan Board of Consultors and the superiors of religious institutes," Hallinan wrote.
The eight votes of the consultors of the Congregation of the Index on the works of Loisy were those of: (1) David Fleming, O.
They were faced with a solid phalanx of dissenting consultors.
With all due respect to Cardinal Adam Maida, I wonder if the College of Consultors approved the rather extravagant loan and loan guarantee to the John Paul II Center in Washington.
bishops' requested minimum amounts -- the point at which a bishop must obtain the consent of his diocesan finance council and college of consultors to give up ownership of church goods.
Nick Rice, president of the archdiocesan priests' council and a convener of the college of consultors, said the idea for a voluntary freeze arose after a recent council meeting where belt-tightening efforts were discussed by Brian Reynolds, chancellor of the archdiocese.
Pataki's case against Holy Cross and its affiliated Monastery of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross is laid out in the minutes of a March 29, 1999, meeting between the bishop and his College of Consultors, part of the Passaic eparchy.
On April 19, the archdiocesan College of Consultors, an appointed group of 13 priests, voted 6-5 for the sale.
Sources close to the situation told NCR that Cardinal Joseph Bernardin favors the deal with Northridge and is attempting to persuade the archdiocesan consultors to concur.
The 32-page policy was prepared by members and consultors of an Ad Hoc Committee to Develop a Policy on Child Abuse, appointed by Malone late last summer.