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MUSCAT Eoe1/4" Easing food and beverage and tobacco prices pushed the SultanateEoe1/4aos consumer price index to a one-year low in January, the Ministry of National economy said on its website yesterday.
The government reported early in the morning that Japan's consumer price index fell 0.1 percent in May from a year earlier for the fourth straight monthly drop, prompting investors to speculate that the Bank of Japan is not planning any imminent interest hikes.
The consumer price index (CPI) in February 2011 compared to January 2011 was 101.2%, i.e.
Real estate taxes, porter wages, operating expenses and ties to the Consumer Price Index head a menu of options available to tenants which brokers say are unique to New York City's rental market.
Summary: The Executive Board of the Central Bank of Tunisia (BCT) noted at its meeting Monday that the general consumer price index posted a decrease in annual shift from 4.6% in
Summary: The Central Administration for Statistics released Monday an updated Consumer Price Index for the first time since the government stopped reporting such monthly data at the end of 2012.
Prices of 10-year Japanese government bonds and bond futures fell slightly Friday after moving without clear direction following the release of Japan's October consumer price index.
Norway's consumer price index increased by 0.1% from May to June this year, according to Statistics Norway, the state statistics office.
I would like to devote the remainder of my prepared remarks to one of these issues, namely the bias in the consumer price index (CPI).

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