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An individual who purchases and uses products and services in contradistinction to manufacturers who produce the goods or services and wholesalers or retailers who distribute and sell them. A member of the general category of persons who are protected by state and federal laws regulating price policies, financing practices, quality of goods and services, credit reporting, debt collection, and other trade practices of U.S. commerce. A purchaser of a product or service who has a legal right to enforce any implied or express warranties pertaining to the item against the manufacturer who has introduced the goods or services into the marketplace or the seller who has made them a term of the sale.

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normally (but not always) a customer who buys for personal use and not business purposes and who is accordingly treated differently in the law. See CONSUMER CREDIT, CONSUMER CREDIT AGREEMENT, UNFAIR CONTRACT TERMS.
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Smart home devices, AI, AR and VR are some of the major trends which are going to drive the consumer electronics industry in the coming future.
As more firms have established facilities in the UAE, this in turn has brought more expatriate workers and this trend acts as another stimulant to the local consumer electronics market.
According to a recent study from the Consumer Electronics Manufacturers Association, average returns in consumer electronics hit a record return rate of 5.2 percent in 1995.
When consumer electronics are shut down with remotes, they do not turn off completely; rather, they enter a dormant standby that allows them to remain sensitive to the remote's command.
This is not the kind of policy that inspires people to buy consumer electronics.
The industry standard x86 architecture, low power consumption and excellent performance makes the AMD Geode LX processor ideal for a wide variety of consumer electronics and computing markets, including multimedia devices, single-board computers, access devices and other general embedded applications.
"The consumer electronics retailer plans to update and modernize the store as part of its new branding effort."
Consumer electronics sales for the holiday season are expected to reach roughly $13.5 billion, compared with $12.4 billion for the year-ago period, according to the Consumer Electronics Association's 12th Annual Holiday Spending Survey, as previously reported by HFN.
Despite eight out of 10 Americans' perception that the recycling of unwanted household items as important, 92 percent believe it is more important to recycle plastics, newspapers and aluminum cans than it is to recycle consumer electronics products (78 percent) or household appliances (77 percent), according to the CEA.
And while native automotive systems will be easier to add and upgrade due to common standards, Infotainment will be a continuing problem because standards change at light speed, automotive is a small and demanding market for consumer electronics companies, and consumers expect their devices to work seamlessly in a vehicle environment that may have been designed years before the device they are using.
Knowing the potential of the MP3 market alone, Sean Wargo, director of industry an@is for the Arlington, Virginia-based Consumer Electronics Association, sees potential for small firms that can rise above the noise generated by Apple's iPod.

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