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An individual who purchases and uses products and services in contradistinction to manufacturers who produce the goods or services and wholesalers or retailers who distribute and sell them. A member of the general category of persons who are protected by state and federal laws regulating price policies, financing practices, quality of goods and services, credit reporting, debt collection, and other trade practices of U.S. commerce. A purchaser of a product or service who has a legal right to enforce any implied or express warranties pertaining to the item against the manufacturer who has introduced the goods or services into the marketplace or the seller who has made them a term of the sale.

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normally (but not always) a customer who buys for personal use and not business purposes and who is accordingly treated differently in the law. See CONSUMER CREDIT, CONSUMER CREDIT AGREEMENT, UNFAIR CONTRACT TERMS.
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Consumers will use published data on patient satisfaction ratings--including ease of access, helpfulness and friendliness of nurses and office staff, and overall satisfaction with care and service--to be more discriminating buyers of medical services.
The listserv is a way for librarians in Wyoming with an interest in providing consumer health information to collaborate at a distance.
Consumer organizations, whose membership and officers are comprised of a majority of individuals with disabilities, are an invaluable resource for State vocational rehabilitation (VR) agencies.
However, that device might not enable consumers to communicate in detail the limitations they want on a firm's e-mails to them (for example, to limit these to only certain messages), nor change their e-mail addresses.
Because CPSC knows that many American consumers fail to hear about recalls and other safety messages, this new project enlists the cooperation of community groups that can help distribute posters, new publications, recall announcements, and other safety information to consumers who may have missed newspaper or broadcast announcements by CPSC.
Due to the current budget problems in many states, politicians might be eager to set up and mandate an elaborate "streamlined" system that would track consumer purchases across the country--online and offline--and enable the consumer's home state to automatically collect a tax at the time of sale.
* public education with consumers acting as ambassadors to the community by providing education and helping to de-stigmatize mental illness."
The Consumer Contract Act, passed May 12, 2000, protects consumers from entering into unfair contracts with businesses.
Present government should come up with a regulation framework to ensure consumers rights in the country.
Shinsegae called rude shoppers like her "black consumers."
The consumer courts are providing relief to the citizens, he said and urged the media to play a role to create awareness about consumers' rights.
Source reduction could also play a part, if more consumers begin to accept something less than 14K gold.

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