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Consummate Care - which provides a range of home care - has signed up 10 dignity champions to promote those values.
A Consummate Lawyer (272 pp, hardback) is available from Carolina Academic Press for $25 at
(3.) That is why contracepted intercourse cannot consummate a marriage, for contraception is an anti-procreative act, unlike sexual union during a non-fertile phase of a cycle, which is at best non-procreative and consistent with an openness to new life.
Central Pacific has stated that it will not consummate the proposal unless it obtains approval as required by the HCSAA.
The Prisons Service said that it would finalize its position on the marriage only after a decision by the Tel Aviv District Court regarding Amir's request to be allowed to consummate the marriage.
JBL Encounter 5.1's optimized 50-watt Quad Odyssey I center channel and Dual Warrior satellites deliver uncolored mids, highs and center channel dialogue for consummate sound quality.
LABOUR'S new general secretary David Triesman moans that politicians are innocent victims of media cynicism and are treated as if they were consummate liars by big ego interviewers.
Kristin was a consummate professional with a passion for environmental issues.
The consummate artist, Ramsey wields erotic imagery as his deftest device and to stellar effect, but the poet takes sporadic pauses from eroticism to deal with other of love's complications.
Accordingly, the parties will be free to consummate the transaction upon completion of other regulatory and procedural matters.
The gas stations, the strip, the plain language, the cool wit, the games with light: Surely Ed Ruscha is the consummate West Coast artist.
Wu Liangyong is a seasoned and consummate academic and architect.