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We also thank Dr Nan Wang and Nanjing University of Science and Technology for assisting the contact angle measurements.
It was originally believed surface wettability as measured by contact angle between liquid metal and the bonded aggregate was a critical factor in the resulting casting surface finish.
This is the first paper in the open literature that deals with the vehicle mileage or vehicle age with the contact angle and surface coating of an evaporator.
By definition, the contact angle hysteresis is calculated as the difference between the advancing contact angle and the receding contact angle.
Contact angle is a measure of wettability of the surface.
Since this paper involves correlating contact angle with stain repellency (or lack of adhesion), we will focus on adsorption theory starting with the Dupre equation, also known as the Work of Adhesion equation (3):
Thus, an equilibrium effective contact angle [[theta].
reverse pendant drop, meniscus, dynamic contact angle, pulsation drop, 3D topography,
Physical tests, such as dynamic surface tension or contact angle, are essential to implement appropriate chemical formulations, and the nature of the species must take into consideration how the sprayed droplets behave on the leaf surface.
Contact angle for tested liquid and plate are recorded, following the general experimental procedure given in detail in [7].
However, this largest difference occurs at the highest contact angle (70[degrees]), which will normally not be reached in a common vehicle dynamic simulation.