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AREA. An enclosed yard or opening in a house; an open place adjoining to a house. 1 Chit. Pr. 176.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The location of the contact is also important in protecting the tissues against food impaction The optimum cervico-occlusal location of the posterior contact area is at the longest mesiodostal diameter of the generally just apical to the crest of marginal ridge.
In comparison to soldiers without foot deformity, subjects with clinically detected flat feet deformities showed earlier and more marked flattening of the arches, which was reflected by a larger contact area. When the subjects slung their rifles over the shoulder, soldiers with splay and flat feet and improper arches showed an increasing contact area compared to subjects with normal feet (Figure 2).
The [V.sub.OC] values of the PERC cells with different contact area are shown in Figure 8.
"Everyone in rugby understands the importance of the contact area," he said.
Do not, for one second, consider using a knife or a scissor to do this job, because the contact area has fairly low tolerance levels for any kind of abuse.
We hypothesized that the LHB would consistently articulate with the humeral head with greater articular contact area in adduction than abduction.
Analysis of asymmetry of occlusal contact area and bite force was performed between right and left sides for each facial pattern using Student's t-test.
The purpose of this study was to compare parameters associated with patellofemoral contact pressure (contact area, peak pressure, peak pressure location, and center of pressure) during dynamic simulated knee flexion-extension under a range of conditions: (1) no brace, (2) a knee sleeve, (3) two different patellar stabilization sleeves, and (4) a wrap-style patellar stabilization brace.
Pressing the stamp against the electronics causes the soft tips to collapse up against the stamp's body, maximizing the contact area between the stamp and the electronics and creating adhesion.
He explained: "For most of last year the defender had so much say in what was happening at the contact area that the attacking team were struggling to get any continuity into the game.
"The big concern for me is the contact area and how it is interpreted.