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3 shows the inversed vertical dynamic contact force for the fourth wheel-set, unfortunately, it is unable to be compared with measurement value due to the limitation of test-bed.
Depending on the type, the CCM03 Series features an insulated normally open (NO) card detection switch or increased contact forces for maximum vibration resistance.
During cardiac ablation, the THERMOCOOL(R) SMARTTOUCH(TM) Catheter enables the measurement of catheter tip contact force and direction inside the heart.
1] is the mass of the impactor, F(t) contact force.
In this paper, the contact force is calculated using an efficient approach.
This trajectory is the base path that the robot will follow while maintaining a constant contact force.
Algebraic nature of this method makes the mathematical development easy and accessible to most engineers, but this approach is unable to predict the contact force between the bodies or stress in them [4].
However, when the object is deformable, the penalty method cannot compute properly the shape and roughness since the contact force ignores the inherent deformation of the object.
An adjusted setting of the contact force of the dust stops is a significant factor concerning the wear sealing rings, in phases of strong dust stop loads, it is very important to keep the sealing closed.
The MiniSmart's gold-plated contacts also meet the requirements of Europe's MasterCard and Visa EMV2000 specification for contact force, ICC signal timing, and reliability.