Contagious disorders

CONTAGIOUS DISORDERS, police, crim. law. Diseases which are capable of being transmitted by mediate or immediate contact.
     2. Unlawfully and injuriously to expose persons infected with the smallpox or other contagious disease in the public streets where persons are passing, or near the habitations of others, to their great danger, is indictable at common law. 1 Russ. Cr. 114. Lord Hale seems to doubt whether if a person infected with the plague, should go abroad with intent to infect another, and another should be infected and die, it would not be murder; and he thinks it clear that though there should be no such intent, yet if another should be infected, it would be a great misdemeanor. 1 Pl. Cor. 422. Vide 4 M. & S. 73, 272; Dane's Ab. h.t.

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According to analysts, the country needs to rid itself of overreliance on traditional markets and explore neighbouring countries and other profitable markets in the region to shield the economy against the contagious disorders in the interconnected western markets.
We expect an early emphasis on nutritional and contagious disorders since these are two key determinants of morbidity and mortality among children and mothers in low-income countries.

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