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Treatment of contagious ecthyma with Enrofloxacin in combination with Neosporin-H (d) ointment was found effective in sheep and goats by several workers (Janna and Ghosh, 2002; Phukan et al.
It was also observed that topical antiseptic application is not very effective in contagious ecthyma in sheep and goats.
Sero-prevalence of Contagious Ecthyma in Lambs and Humans in Kars, Turkey.
Contagious ecthyma outbreaks occur more frequently during period of extreme temperature such as late summer and winter.
Present study deals with outbreaks of contagious ecthyma and its management.
Confusing clinical signs in sheep underline the need for developing diagnostic tests to discriminate between bluetongue and other confounding diseases such as contagious ecthyma, border disease, and foot-and-mouth disease.

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