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It's also not uncommon for one or more containers to arrive just minutes before a ship is supposed to sail.
Task Force Bastogne will be the first division-sized deployment to track cargo and containers with BCS3 as the focal point for data.
Historically, rubber bales were a loose fit into their containers.
The FDDMTF, as it's called, is a medical technology test bed that, for the foreseeable future, will be connected to the new container and serve as its keeper.
A plant's photosynthesis will add oxygen to container A.
Firstly, unification of the Corrugated Container Division of Oji Paper's Packaging Company with Seven Oji Paper Group Corrugated Container companies (100% owned by Oji Paper).
With the right equipment, it can be done in a few minutes, and the reconstitution date should then be clearly marked on the container.
Disposable containers are thrown away after a single trip, while glass bottles are refilled on average 20 to 30 times before they are broken or lost.
The Japan Line Court reserved decision on the issue of domestically owned containers used in international commerce.
For instance, a surprising prediction that liquids can flow in sharp-cornered containers was confirmed by photographs of a free-falling, liquid-containing vessel with a hexagonal cross section.
Oregon Senator Ron Wyden's amendment to the act ensured much more rigorous security for containers by specifying that a container security device must positively identify a container, detect and record the unauthorized intrusion of a container, and secure the container against tampering throughout the supply chain.