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We have refreshed our brand identity by integrating the Johnson brand heritage, values & promise while infusing fresh relevance & contemporariness in the unified brand identity across all business verticals.
It is however significant that Atta makes an effort at addressing this issue which seems to be lingering despite the contemporariness the motherland is believed to have attained.
Consequently, the teacher's own view of language often concurs with the textbook or varies only on topics, the interest level to learners or their contemporariness, rather than on language and culture content and their relationship to intended learning outcomes.
Like "Ibrahim Al-Abyad," it employs minor social strands to inject a sense of purpose and contemporariness to the tired story, but claiming that "El Dealer" is a commentary on the wretched Egyptian economy that forces youth to abandon the country is no different than saying that the rift inside the French national football team mirrors the current state of unrest inside French society.
In discussions of the form's origins, scholars remain divided: whereas some stress contemporariness (and privilege the works of Topffer or the appearance of the Journal de Mickey as moments of emergence), others gesture vaguely towards pre-textual precursors--the paintings of Lascaux, for instance--to indicate a more ancient and more extravagant genealogy.
The 36-year temporary Planning law, is no more than a historical document fit to be used in the archives of the history of Jordanian legislations for one of the many phases of development in the Kingdom; it is no longer suitable in shape and content to structure the planning mechanism for an ambitious state such as Jordan, which seeks to confront the challenges of modernity and contemporariness, achieve economic and social development, and efficiently exploit the limited resources available.
Given the ineluctability of cultural, lingual and social translations in this hybrid contemporariness for transnational understanding, complexities are unavoidable.
A member of the Holy Trinity congregation stressed the contemporariness of the church s activities, much in the way advocated by Why the Sea Is Boiling Hot.
All readers will come away better informed about Machen's personality, which, for a book originally written so long ago, carries an aura of contemporariness in its presentation of Machen's attractions to others, of his varied career activities (though creative writing was never obliterated by his journalistic or theatrical employment), his relationships with his wives, and the impact of his personal experience upon his creative work.
On the other hand woman as an official subject, vis-a-vis the existence of conservative circles, began to be discussed as a woman who painted and these measures became an important indicator of civilization and the contemporariness.
Gertrude Stein says this, enacts this emphatically in her own essays--to act out of one's unprecedented contemporariness is to be able to tolerate, even enjoy, not knowing where one is going even in sustained forays.
But contemporariness (modernity) is not alien to us and, according to Patriarch Ignatius, our task is to "re-orient it from within".

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