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Director Kulthoum said in a statement to SANA the participation in the Festival comes through a film "that aspires for contemporariness without giving up the daily concerns and anxieties of people," which is going to compete with the rest Arab and foreign films.
The evening aims to be a confluence of contemporariness and tradition and the organisers are leaving no stone unturned to add the colour and zest synonymous with India and its culture.
It is not just for the managers with contemporariness of behavioral science at workplace, but also includes essence of the traditional approaches.
In fact, our findings could have potential public policy implications and ramifications giving the contemporariness of executive compensations in the debates surrounding current global economic turmoil.
Consequently, the teacher's own view of language often concurs with the textbook or varies only on topics, the interest level to learners or their contemporariness, rather than on language and culture content and their relationship to intended learning outcomes.
Like "Ibrahim Al-Abyad," it employs minor social strands to inject a sense of purpose and contemporariness to the tired story, but claiming that "El Dealer" is a commentary on the wretched Egyptian economy that forces youth to abandon the country is no different than saying that the rift inside the French national football team mirrors the current state of unrest inside French society.

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