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Similarly, Sartre asserts that consciousness always attends to a "transcendent object" and is thereby precluded from being phenomenologically contentless.
Among those, Bill Readings discusses the example of Cultural Studies' adaptation and co-optation to the model of contentless "excellence.
that human consciousness was not fundamentally a contentless act of mere
Antagonism as the real is contentless but also the site of an incalculable number of effects; it is ultimately in Zizek a formal dysfunction of the symbolic, indeterminate and therefore also non-deterufinate.
They are as authoritarian and uncompromising as they are contentless and absurd.
Even when one reaches one's destination and takes refuge in the familiar shops, trees, and bedroom, the sense of home is cut off from the larger city, accessible only through a maze of contentless nameplates.
The protagonist, then, moves off the stage as he had entered it: a formless, contentless, almost featureless self who feels nothing and has no ethical dilemmas to confront.
While I don't like conspicuously contentless poems, poems that call attention to language just as a thing in itself, I do think of poems as autonomous constructions, freestanding objects.
Hence, also, a contentless and anti-utopian temporality.
One could conclude from the representational economy of the presentation of scientific ideas that this is all mere puffery, mere contentless rhetoric, all artifice, and no substance.
No longer organized around a metaphysical value of which all activities are to be the reflection, the university is organized around the imperative that it he organized; it is a contentless imperative that supports and is supported by a set of contentless bureaucratic values--efficiency, maintenance, expansion, resource allocation, development.
The BBC does not broadcast American sitcoms but My Family and My Hero seem to indicate that the corporation's executives feel they have to make sure that they too can feed their viewers with a dose of contentless humour.