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These features will allow Contently clients to generate and convert more leads, helping both sales and marketing teams tie revenue directly to content.
One man is lying down, arms crossed, smiling contently while a second man slaps his back with a birch whisk.
While driving through mud patches and over a road made entirely of concrete speed bumps I contently snapped pictures of the forward humvee, which looked like it could bounce off the road at any time.
Will she contently resume a domestic life with no suitors or glamour?
Outside a bookstore in the ultra-Orthodox city of Bnei Brak on the outskirts of Tel Aviv, Yom Tov Cohen contently watched as his four-year-old son flicked through one.
At last it's finished, And he sits there contently, Waiting for some insect, To fly in hopefully.
Twenty five yards away, the buck of a lifetime stood contently eating a red oak acorn, unaware of the sight pin resting on his shoulder.
Of course we genuinely sympathize during news broadcasts; but alas it doesn't go far beyond that most of the time; and we may find blood-tainted solace hidden in those demonic little moments where we secretly relish the fact that we're not trapped in a land of starvation and conflict cursing those who would be assuming the exact same role we are so contently drowning in right now.
Macromolecules are contently being made from smaller molecules, and in a different part of the cell the macromolecules may be broken down into smaller molecules so that the carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen atoms may be rearranged to form an entirely different organic molecule.
She smiled contently while the conversations sailed around her.
We contently ride on the wave of statistical facts rather than question the validity and reliability of epidemiological, medical or economic research on obesity or observe the actual appearance of "obese" bodies around us.