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Contestability would refer to the bestowed capability of end-users to directly contract for their electricity needs - corresponding to the rates that they negotiated firsthand with their selected suppliers and even preferred technology or energy source.
Contestability is a related feature of liberal institutions that can prevent abuse.
For the economy as a whole, though, this is exactly what has reduced the space for experimentation and contestability in many markets.
New York regulators say in the new circular letter that some insurers seem to have added a new procedure for reviewing a claim submitted during a life policy contestability period.
Less clear is the question of how contestability theory has been used as a policy lens to understand and predict competition and firm behaviour in deregulated markets.
And its investment concepts, which involve contestability, eg social investments, do not appear to be grounded in any public health policy and seem experimental," he said.
Some critics consider the stability in the country was the outcome of the government's systematic repressive practices, or at least of the restricted contestability of national and local politics.
Hopkins ends by reminding readers that edges 'permit two-way traffic', which for her underscores their contestability in early modern drama (p.
Contestability can be easily dismissed for traditional infrastructure bottlenecks, as the local loop is characterized by high sunk costs.
A few adjustments and conceptual refinements are proposed: using consideration of contestability or conflict as one of the characteristics of the problem being considered; and dividing the notion of 'guiding institutions' into two concepts --guiding organisations and the formal and informal norms and rules that make up judicial and legal institutions under political context.
This article will discuss whistleblowers' rights of contestability and their protection against retaliatory actions by their employers in exercising that right.
As such, the article aims to examine the impact of the P3 Alliance and its implications on contestability in the major gateway container ports in North America.