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On Tuesday, a new group of contestants who either received the golden buzzer or passed the judge cuts round will vie for America's vote.
The contestants were selected after going through auditions to prove their mettle for the competition.
The sponsors get to know the contestants in both the Fittest Loser Challenge and the At Work Challenge.
The competition and the quality of reciters was so good this year that four contestants were awarded the joint seventh place which included Abdul Aziz Shoukri from Algeria, Ahmad Mohammad from Kenya, Abdullah Khalifa from Bahrain and Alsawi Abdullah from Saudi Arabia.
For the office of Vice President (North), Hajia Sani and Mr Sanusi Jibrin were cleared as contestants.
When one or more contestants win the progressive jackpot, the full amount will be paid out to the sole winner or divided equally among all winners, whichever the case may be, and the jackpot will be reset to P100,000.
However, those contestants who wow the judges and make it to Hollywood will get a chance to compete over the mysterious contract that offers an individual the opportunity to jump-start their music career.
The queen was selected among the top 10 from initial 20 contestants. She then proceeded to top three where she snatched the top prize.
After the episode aired, Manere posted her last official photo in the show on Instagram and thanked her fellow contestants turned friends and mentors.
Under Clause 61 of the Election Act 2017, contestants for National Assembly seats need to submit Rs.
In the holding room, waiting contestants worked in groups on a community service project in which they made fleece or flannel blankets that the three medalists would, in turn, donate to a needy person or agency of their choice.
From the Top 24 contestants, AI introduced a different process of fast elimination this season.