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The girl sat motionless and wide-eyed at the side of the road watching every move of the two contestants.
For all the din of clashing blades and rattling armor, neither of the contestants had inflicted much damage, for the knight could neither force nor insinuate his point beyond the perfect guard of his unarmored foe, who, for his part, found difficulty in penetrating the other's armor.
They muttered low gutturals of approval as bits of white hide or hairy bloodstained skin were torn from one contestant or the other.
LORD Sugar has defended allowing contestants as young as 16 to take part in a version of The Apprentice and insisted the teenagers are fully supported.
With constant increase in the number of contestants in the successive Lok Sabha elections, the average of per seat contestants also continued to rise gradually but in 1996, a sudden hike in average with 25.
The semi final episode of X-Factor had three remaining contestants competing against one another, two of the contestants, Ibrahim Abdul Athem and Mohammad Al Refi were on mentor, judge and singer Hussien Al Jassmi's team.
The remaining contestants will perform before the coaches, based on which America will decide who proceeds to the next round.
There were designed 85 multiple choices questions in the exam section of the Fourth National Nanotechnology Competition, and the contestants who wanted to take part in teaching section of the exam were required to answer three descriptive questions.
MAO has posted 53 exciting videos made by each of our 2011 contestants, showing off their style and personality and explaining why they should be chosen as the next Miss America
It's tempting to imagine that some contestants were joking all along.
After two sessions of auditions - an Acappella round and another round of singing with an instrumental accompaniment, and after a lot of scrutiny and criticism from the judges, six contestants finally made it through to the screening round, scheduled to be held in the month of July.
While a contest organizer may have diverse objectives, enormous academic resources have been devoted to the design of contests that maximize the effort that has to be exerted by contestants (Baye, Kovenock, and de Vries 1993; Gradstein and Konrad 1999; Rosen 1986) This paper follows in the same vein and investigates the design of the effort-maximizing contest.