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CONTESTATION. The act by which two parties to an action claim the same right, or when one claims a right to a thing which the other denies; a controversy. Wolff, Dr. de la Nat. 762.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Plus de 250 personnes ont ete tuees lors des troubles au Soudan, notamment dans la dispersion brutale d'un sit-in devant le QG de l'armee a Khartoum qui a fait 127 morts le 3 juin, selon des medecins proches de la contestation.
Les manifestants ont scande [beaucoup moins que] honte a vous, on nous demande de dialoguer avec un +gang+ [beaucoup plus grand que], en reference a l'instance de dialogue designee par le pouvoir pour mener des consultations sur les modalites d'une presidentielle rejetee par la contestation.
For a broad view on aspects of contestation and hegemony in IR theory, see Peter J.
Thereafter, what we see and how it is understood leads to the emergence of diverging ideological trajectories and, eventually, to social contestation as a result of competing claims.
Contestations of memory in Southeast Asia is a collection of ten chapters dealing with the eclectic post-war and post-colonial development of selected Southeast Asian countries.
His two objectives are to map this contestation and also resituate the forest as a mirror for progressive as well as reactionary German politics.
What is missing from this picture is an understanding of what implications frame contestation might have had for the public, had it made it into the press (and should it do so in the future in response to similar national transgressions).
"Je n'ai plus assez de T-shirts", avoue Pinar Bad, 30 ans, vendeuse sur l'avenue Istiklal, a quelques centaines de metres de l'emblematique place Taksim, epicentre avec le parc Gezi de la contestation.
NNA - MP Michel Aoun said Tuesday that the contestation of the extension of the House mandate, submitted by his Change and Reform parliamentary bloc before the Constitutional Council, would certainly be approved, considering its flawless legality.
Abdellah Karroum, Emelie Renard, and Claire Staebler * This third edition of Paris's La Triennale--tellingly titled "Intense Proximity"--is set to advance artistic director Okwui Enwezor's important contestation of nationality and nativism by highlighting relational geographies and migrant figures.