articles of association

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articles of association

regulations governing the mode of conduct of business of an incorporated company and its internal organization.

They constitute, together with the memorandum of association, the contract between company members and the company. In the case of a company limited by shares, Table A of the Companies Act 1985 may be taken as the company's articles if not otherwise expressly provided.

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Among the guests honored via the Day of the African Equestrian celebration will be a delegation representing the African Confederation of Equestrian Sports (ACES) - one of five continental associations recognized by the Federation Equestre Internationale (FEI).
The move for transformation came as part of IINA's Development Vision to rejuvenate the agency to serve the national news agencies in the 57 member states of the OIC, as well as creating an enabling environment for coordination and consultation with news agencies, similar to other regional and continental associations of news agencies, he added.
The winners of each award were selected by the ANOC Jury from a shortlist provided by each of the continental associations. Continental associations were asked to monitor athletes' performances across the international federations' World Championships, World Cups and Grand Prix events which took place this year, and submit a shortlist to the jury.
And Japan has held seven of the competitions since it came under FIFA's umbrella in 2005 and expanded to include each of the champions from the continental associations.
Criminal investigations in the United States and Switzerland have resulted in the indictment of dozens of footballofficials and other entities for corruption, many of them serving or former presidents of national or continental associations.
The OCA, a sporting body which controls all sports in Asia is one of five continental associations recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC).
The Olympic Charter for " Presidents and persons holding an executive post or senior leadership position within NOCs, world or continental associations of NOCs, IFs or associations of IFs or other organisations recognised by the IOC" says: " Any IOC member as defined in rule or rule ceases to be a member upon ceasing to exercise the function he was exercising at the time of election." Randhir was elected secretary general of the IOA in 1987 and since then has held on to his post but now that he is not contesting the upcoming elections, he stands to lose his membership with the IOC.
"The head of Russia's football Union (RFU) Nikolai Tolstykh should continue holding the country's championships and forget about the project of revival of the Soviet-type CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) league." Blatter added that Fifa has a clear structure of tournaments, where club competitions were held within the national federations or continental associations like Uefa's Champions League or the Libertadores Cup.

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