Compound Interest

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Compound Interest

Interest generated by the sum of the principal and any accrued interest.

Interest is normally compounded on a daily, quarterly, or yearly basis. The more often interest is compounded, the larger the principal will grow and the greater the interest the new principal will produce.

compound interest

n. payment of interest upon principal and previously accumulated interest which increases the amount paid for money use above just simple interest. Thus, it can increase more rapidly if compounded daily, monthly or quarterly. The genius physicist Albert Einstein called compound interest man's "greatest invention." Most lenders agree. (See: interest, promissory note)

COMPOUND INTEREST. Interest allowed upon interest; for example, when a sum of money due for interest, is added to the principal, and then bears interest. This is not, in general, allowed. See Interest for money.

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Rubber can, in principle and practice, be compounded in a number of different continuous compounding machine designs.
It can handle continuous compounding tasks in both laboratories and pilot plants.
The two newest lines are not for intrusion molding, but rather for continuous compounding and extrusion of profiles up to 12 in.
All these parts are made of long-glass polypropylene by some combination of continuous compounding linked in more or less automated fashion with compression or injection molding.
Figure 3 illustrates the screw configuration optimized for the performance of the continuous compounding experiments on the different powder rubber types.
The objective of this study was to explore continuous compounding for fluoroelastomer based compounds.
The main objective is to produce powdery free-flowing rubber/filler batches (powder rubber, PR) which allow the introduction of a continuous compounding process in the rubber industry in the medium- to long-term future.

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