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The FAST technique, which is detailed in the current issue of the journal Science Advances, circumvents both of these shortcomings by taking all of the recorded data from a seismic station and chopping the continuous signal into segments of a few seconds each.
Immaculate Heart Radio's San Diego radio station, KCEO AM 1000, matches perfectly with KHJ AM 930's coverage in Los Angeles, with an overlap in Orange County which results in continuous signal coverage from Oxnard to the Mexican border.
Figure illustrates that the AE resultant signal is a continuous signal with a very jagged form.
If that continuous signal is blocked, the cell remains cancerous, but it is no longer invasive.
Aliens won't send out a continuous signal, but a pulsed one, in short bursts.
The Hypertronics Hypertac system is a unique contact design characterized by a wire basket technology which encapsulates a male pin and guarantees continuous signal integrity especially critical in space and military applications where a robust contact is required that can withstand high levels of shock and vibration.
On the smaller SPY[R] PT 101 and 107, the continuous signal mode can be requested from the factory.
ClassACT, a portable public address system by Anchor Audio, can receive a signal from a range of about 40 feet and is designed to ensure a clear, continuous signal no matter where the presenter moves.
By increasing the distance between electrodes it was possible to obtain continuous signal also on grown-up animals.
The 3051 totals up the continuous signal input and gives me a final, averaged result.
It automatically sends out a continuous signal, which will give the car's location, speed and direction to a 24-hour control centre set up to monitor the cars.
Says Douglas: "You get one continuous signal from Santa Barbara, Calif.

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