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So if the pop career flops she can always sidestep into contortionism.
After a few risky moments of contortionism, Blackwood reaches the other side of the room and finds a briefcase full of wads of cash.
was an object lesson in intellectual contortionism.
Their acts include: mime, juggling, stilt walking, worms dancing, magic, contortionism, gymnastics, mummenshanz, puppet drumming and Chinese juggling.
However, after lots of practice, some fairly hefty contortionism (Charlie must do the splits along with the other dancers) and encouragement from Wayne Sleep, Claire Sweeney and Angela Rippon, our woman in the spangles gets out there and does her thang.
The premise, borrowed from an old Bob Hope movie and countless sitcom episodes, is perfect for Carrey's brand of bad-boy contortionism.
Highlights include "Ripley's Revealed," an in-depth behind-the-scenes look at such subjects as contortionism, fire-eating and sword-swallowing.
About 140 people came along to the college in Kings Norton for a night of entertainment which began with students performing pieces that showcased their individual talents, including singing, dancing, MC-ing, acting and contortionism.
There will also be aerial performers hanging from silks, chains and their own hair, while at ground level there are acts of contortionism, blade walking and the shocks and surprises that are the trademarks of the Circus Of Horrors.
Downstairs in art deco lounge at The Royal Court, take a step back in time and see Amelie Soleil - a dangerous tease with skills such as trapeze work, fire acts, contortionism and more
Chris Hodgson, pictured, is a street magician with a penchant for exotic tricks like contortionism and escape acts.
Much of the material is based on gross-out childish pranks and even toilet humour, but the trapeze work and contortionism was no less than breathtaking.