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The analysis of Barth in Chapter Two, for example, works hard to unearth the "political vision at the heart of the more explicitly metafictional novels" (24), but the discussion requires some Cirque du Soleil-level critical contortionism. To demonstrate how history explains Barth's decisive turn to metafiction in Giles Goat-Boy in 1966, Grausam resorts to the novelist's 1956 The Floating Opera, whose events take place on the June day in 11937 when the narrator resolves to commit suicide.
Petrarch's ideological shilly-shallying seems almost naive when compared with the rhetorical contortionism and internal contradictions of Machiavelli's Il principe as revealed in chapter 5.
There will also be acts made famous by the Chinese State Circus, acrobatic skills, foot juggling, silk dancing and contortionism.?
Pushing 70, Ferguson is getting too old to ape the touchline contortionism of Villas-Boas.
Though they were once criticized for over-emphasizing power moves rather than the dance of b-boying, they have since developed their own style through a nearly seamless transition between contortionism, power moves, acrobatics, and toprocking--though they retain their signature emphasis on the former approaches.
Punctuating every fashionable adventure were amazing performances by three acrobats, who took contortionism to a whole new level, and left the audience rather awestruck and spellbound.
MODA Mall have lined up a spectacular array of shows including Bubble World; a dance and contortionism demonstration in a deep blue water fantasy world; Action painter; a show combining dance and live painting with spectacular use of color and movements; Merlin the Wizard; with surprises about fairies and knights taking you beyond your imagination; and Light Tanoura; traditional dance filled with colour and circular rhythms -- all forming part of the Eid celebrations at Bahrain's premier shopping destination.
Her eerie contortionism, in particular the 'back bend', has become the signature image of the film, appearing in the trailers and on the poster.
Zuniga's Relacion muy verdadera is unique due not to its negative portrayal of nature, but to the political volatility of its subject matter (a declaration of war against the Habsburg emperor and the murder of dozens of his vassals) and the rhetorical contortionism whereby Zuniga attempted to expunge himself from his own narration.
And my greatest recognition as a performer is that I shouldn't try contortionism on stage without a little warm-up.
Down in the circus ring audiences can marvel at acts of contortionism and blade walking.
With a selection of acts which included some remarkable beatboxing and contortionism, the show added a touch of the theatrical to the night which was embraced by all.