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I was at a window seat and the seatbelt sign was on, so accomplishing this task involved leaning forward and embarking on the kind of contortions normally seen in the Cirque du Soleil.
The programme comes as a gust of invigorating honest talent when compared with the sickening surfeit of mincing, moaning, incoherent 'pop' merchants of both sexes (but looking alike), with their idiotic bodily and facial contortions, to which we viewers are usually subjected.
It's a hard life being famous, while us mere mortals can delete any photo that makes us look like Psy mid-Gangnam, celebs have to deal with their facial contortions being plastered everywhere for the whole world to see (well who doesn't love a usually hot celeb suddenly looking like Pete Burns' twin sister?
They twist themselves into a fantastic array of personal and political contortions in an effort to break out of the impasse, and into the open.
I stand corrected and apologise for any induced contortions the church's mistaken identity may have caused.
THE Anglo-American Led Bib quintet are here once again bringing their nervy rock-jazz contortions to the Midlands.
The Impressionists - Painting and Revolution BBC 2, 8pm Waldemar Januszczak focuses on the people depicted in the paintings of the impressionists, examining how Degas strove to record life in the city through contortions in his sculpture and acute angles of perspective in his portrayal of ballet dancers.
The up-front and out-there breast-based contortions are intercut with rousing song and dance sequences, sketches, a shadow play and stand-up comedy.
The contortions in research methodology were able to produce results a little better than the widespread reports of sweatshops and virtual slave labor, but not much better.
The side show--the outside on the side feature of every circus--was the first place visited, and consisted of less than the usual number of attractions, except to those (of the male persuasion) who loosened up an extra quarter to visit a little side tent to see the final gyrations of the hoo-chie-koo-chie dance, which consists of a number of unseemly and suggestive contortions by the loose-jointed female, with little more than her modesty to cover her, and a scant supply at that.
His body contortions and electrifying stage presence - he even stood on top of the piano - showed more than a few nods to Joy Division's Ian Curtis.
Not that that their involvement should come as a surprise to anyone, but considering that former Governor Peterson was recently named co-chair of McCain's New Hampshire campaign, the pro-life Arizona senator might have a little bit of 'splaining to do, especially in light of his well-publicized contortions to get the party's right wing behind him.