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CONTRACTION. An abbreviation; a mode of writing or printing by which some of the letters of a word are omitted. See Abbreviations.

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Medical Therapy Medical therapy aims to reduce unstable bladder contractions during filling and to increase bladder capacity.
RESULTS There was no difference in frequency of contractions between the high-risk and low-risk group and therefore all data were pooled for analysis.
For example, the models of sustained maximal and submaximal isometric contractions developed by Deeb, Drury, and Pendergast (1992) and by Jones and Hunter (1983) were able to predict accurately the force that participants generated during such contractions at each point in the contraction.
Contractions and symbols are easily located in both print-to-braille and braille-to-print formats.
Research conducted under NCHRP Project 24-34 clearly indicates that of the three primary scour components (pier, contraction, and abutment), the contraction scour equations exhibit, by far, the least amount of reliability in terms of 1) the conditional probability that the contraction scour estimate will be exceeded during the design event, and 2) the unconditional probability that the contraction scour estimate will be exceeded during the life of the bridge.
In response to contact with a predator, the cockle Cardium tuberculatum (Linnaeus 1758) escapes via a series of jumps produced by contractions of the foot (Gade 1980).
9 Tracheal contractions were recorded with Research Grade Isometric Force Displacement Transducer (Harvard Model No 72-4494) on four-channel oscillograph (Harvard Model No 50-9307).
Future research through a partnership with preterm labor patients at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital found that when women were exposed to bright light overnight, the cells associated with contractions saw a drop in melatonin levels, suppressing contractions and potentially delaying labor.
Magnolol can inhibit contractions in distal colon of guinea pig, isolated gastric fundus strips of rats, and isolated ileum of guinea pigs (Bian et al.
However, when performing static contractions, the blood-flow through the muscle is decreased or even obstructed.
At each test velocity subjects performed quadriceps' contractions at the desired intensity (extension) followed by a passive flexion of the hamstrings.