Contractor suing, was not authorized

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Country: United States of America
State: South Carolina

I talked with an HVAC Contractor and received a quote for services. I specified that no one was to come on my property or perform services without my presence at the time of service. I received a call that someone came to my house when I was not home, directly against my authorization, but could not find the problem. That was October 12, 2005. I hired another company who came out when I was there and fixed the problem. I received a call from the first company on November 29, 2005 to make an appointment to come out and fix the problem. I told them that I hired someone else and they found the problem and fixed it. I was threatened with legal action for full payment and am now receiving threatening letters for full payment. What can I do?


You can refuse to pay--and even file against them in small claims if they cause you any damage or problem...
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