contractual terms

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Summary: France will reportedly take Google and Apple to court over contractual terms imposed by the tech giants on startups and developers, according to a report by Reuters.
Contractors who do not pay on agreed contractual terms and conditions should be legally penalised and then they will suffer the consequences rather than the sub-contractor.
In detail, the subject of a public contract is defined by the technical, business and other contractual terms and conditions, which are part of the tender documentation.
You may well have signed contractual terms which allow them to carry out reasonable repairs.
The service said the bank used vague contractual terms that allowed it to unilaterally amend interest rates and other charges burdening the consumer and providing vague and inadequate information regarding the terms and cost of prepaying a loan.
The most responsible jobs appear to have the worst pay and conditions and the fine print in contractual terms appears to change without signed agreement.
This edition has updated cases for analysis in terms of the validity of contracts, the court's role in determining whether a valid offer has been made, the concepts of consideration and mutual mistake, the enforceability of restrictive covenants, the assertion of rights pursuant to third party contracts and novations, and the elements of frustration of purpose needed to discharge a contractual obligation, as well as revisions to the Uniform Commercial Code and new material on proving contractual terms.
The period is subject to early termination under contractual terms.
Under the Civil Code provision, the compensation paid to the non-terminating party must include costs of the work completed, costs expended and profit that may have been earned if work were completed as per the contractual terms.
Dr Jean Jenkins, senior lecturer in employment relations at Cardiff Business School, said: "The Acas findings show contractual terms which exclude workers from rights and security of employment lead to insecurity, mistrust, and unfairness at work.
In January 2014, the bank stated its intention to materially reduce its liabilities under its senior and subordinated debt obligations relative to original contractual terms in order to improve its capitalisation.
In the event of Scottish independence from the United Kingdom, the continuing UK government would in all circumstances honour the contractual terms of the debt issued by the UK government," the Treasury said in a statement.