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Employers sometimes enter into contractual agreements with employees whereby they promise not to disclose certain personnel information in exchange for an employee's voluntary resignation.
Sweeney says Tele-Direct does have contractual agreements with recognized advertising agencies which submit advertisements on behalf of their clients.
Dr Daniel Cassaglia, GHA Medical Director, said: Having a number of contractual agreements with healthcare providers in Spain allows us to choose the best expertise and quality specialist services available.
SkyWest Airlines operates as United Express, Delta Connection, American Eagle and US Airways Express carriers under contractual agreements with United (NYSE: UAL), Delta (NYSE: DAL), American Airlines (OTC: AAMRQ) and US Airways (NYSE: LCC).
The revised ethics ruling also clarifies that disclosing confidential client information to a third-party service provider for the purpose of providing professional services to clients or for administrative support purposes would not be in violation of Rule 301, "Confidential Client Information"; however, the member would be required to enter into a contractual agreement with the third-party service provider to maintain the confidentiality of the client's information, and use reasonable care in determining that the third-party service provider has appropriate procedures in place to prevent the unauthorized release of confidential client information.
Task force members realized almost from the outset that some form of compromise and contractual agreement that bound fraternities and sororities to certain codes of conduct would be necessary.
FAI chiefs plan to speak to FIFA if they feel that their former chief has broken his contractual agreement.
Now, when a managed care payer initiates a contract, the provider must also undergo credentialing in order to implement or continue the contractual agreement. Almost every credentialing form contains questions about accreditation, usually phrased thusly: "Do you have the following accreditations?:
He advised the contractors to adhere to the specifications of the contractual agreement for government to have value for its money.
Land Rover doesn't owe this company any money and has no contractual agreement to bail it out.
A commercial contractual agreement (such as a lease, loan or employment agreement) is not a binding agreement and so is not a governing provision, unless a principal purpose is to circumvent the one-class-of-stock requirement.
The question arises, was the contractual agreement made under duress or freely?