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In reality and in most instances, it is the employer who decided on the majority of the contractual terms.
The ECJ decided that article 3.1 of the Directive must be interpreted as meaning that the assessment of the unfairness of a contractual term must be made by reference to the time of conclusion of the contract, taking account all of the circumstances which could have been known to the bank at that time, and could affect the future performance of that contract.
Having lost before the lower courts, RWE turned to the Bundesgerichtshof (Federal Court of Justice, Germany), which put questions to the ECJ on the interpretation of the rules of EU law(1) intended to protect consumers against unfair and/or non-transparent standard contractual terms.
This methodology has effectively allowed companies using the Black-Scholes model in valuing plain vanilla options to assume the midpoint of the vesting term and the contractual term as the expected life for related awards.
if there are available services, unsolicited until the end of the contracted duration of 365 days, at the request of the beneficiary may prolong the contractual term by means of an additional act in the initial contractual period
The Act provides that every business tenancy continues after the end of the contractual term of the tenancy until determined in accordance with the provisions of the Act.
1951), the Service indicated that a significant initial investment in an asset with a relatively short contractual term (absent renewals) strongly suggested an expectation of renewal.
(appendix 1) - general contract terms and conditions of construction works 1998 (annex 2) - other call for tenders documents (annexes 3 to 6) the contract period begins with the signing of the contract (contractual term) and is valid until the contractual obligations have been fulfilled.
Notes: the tentative contractual term is for the period of october 26, 2016 through october 25, 2017, with the option of two additional one-year periods.
The terms of performance, including business and contractual terms and conditions, shall be specified in detail in the invitation to tender pursuant to Section 141 of the Act.
We anticipate that these near-term cost pressures will moderate in the second half when new lines complete learning curves and more favorable contractual terms become effective, as well as in 2020 and beyond," said John Hayes, chairman, president and CEO.