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Against; conflicting; opposite.

A contra-balance is the amount in an account of a creditor that is the opposite of the usual balance of such an account. It is an account receivable (a debt owed to the creditor) but with a credit balance (an amount owed to the debtor greater than what is owed to the creditor). The creditor therefore owes the debtor money, the opposite of the normal debtor-creditor relationship.

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adj. Latin for against or opposite to. This usage is usually found in legal writing in statements like: "The decision in the case of Hammerhead v. Nail is contra to the rule stated in Keeler v. Beach."

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CONTRA. Over; against; opposite to anything: as, such a case lays down a certain principle; such other case, contra.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Duterte, the pros minus contras on RevGov are 20 - 41 = net -22.
Nightlife options have expanded in Park Slope, as Brooklyn Contra doubles its dance series nights this spring, now offering two evenings every month where you can "swing your partner" and "do-si-do" to the latest live acoustic bands.
Here's an unusual recipe for world peace: "If more people contra danced, there would be less war," says Steve Goldman, a new resident of Eugene who chose his hometown-to-be in part because of its devotion to the art form.
Argentinean military junta, armed, trained, and funded the Contras, a
We got a report one night of a Contra attack on a cooperative.
Elliott Abrams, who as Assistant Secretary of State for Latin America in the Reagan years supervised contra policy, pleaded guilty to two charges of withholding information from Congress.
One gets the impression that Radosh didn't merely want people on the left to attack the Sandinistas; he wanted them to adopt his own critique, including his support for the contras. (Of course, one needn't even be a leftist to oppose contra aid.
A 1972 earthquake that leveled Managua and killed 10,000; the brutal kleptocracy of Anastasio Somoza; the Sandinista Revolution; the Contra War; tsunamis and hurricanes--all these Nicaraguans have already endured.
The most Blandon would say in court about who called the shots when he sold cocaine for the Contras was that "we received orders from the -- from other people," the paper stated.
They decided with some reluctance to support the contras only after several diplomatic overtures had failed.
In a caper reminiscent of the Reagan Administration's solicitation of funds for the contras, the United States managed to get Saudi Arabia, Brunei, Malaysia, Kuwait, and the United Arab Emirates to pony up more than one-fourth of the cost of the Bosnian military contract.
These and similar media declarations were prompted by the January release of the agency's internal review of allegations, published in a 1996 San Jose Mercury News series, that a California narcotics ring had funneled millions of dollars in drug profits to the Nicaraguan contras. The series, written by Gary Webb, suggested that this one drug outfit was instrumental to the birth of the crack cocaine epidemic.