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Possible topics include novel solutions for in vivo microscopic imaging systems, or microscopic implanted devices with high spatial and/or temporal resolution, which may use either intrinsic or exogenous contrast agents.
Buckyballs may be especially useful for shuttling metal contrast agents through the body for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans, Bolskar says.
Keywords: imaging, x-ray, mammography, contrast agents, analog x-ray, computed radiography, digital radiography, fluoroscopy, cardiovascular, orthopedic, positron emission mammography.
Purchase and upgrade activity in these echo sites is active, with budgets for both contrast agents and equipment increasing.
A unique and innovative technology, Real-time Perfusion Imaging has the potential to assist in the evaluation of cardiac small vessel circulation when used in combination with contrast agents pending approval for this application.
About a third of the clinical magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) examinations use contrast agents now, but that percentage is expected to soar as the technology is increasingly used for non-invasive, in vivo, real-time monitoring of molecular events at the cellular level, which always requires contrast agents.
Further, most MRI contrast agents are not suited for extended-residence-intravascular (blood pool), or tissue (organ)-specific imaging, and do not allow molecular imaging.
Like HDLs, the new contrast agent enters fatty deposits on vessel walls.
Milk may be an ideal contrast agent and play a large role for those who refuse to drink traditional contrast agents, such as children," Dr.
This past June, the FDA issued an alert concerning a possible connection between gadolinium-containing contrast agents and NSF in patients with kidney failure.
Tokyo, Japan, July 19, 2006 - (JCN) - Hitachi's Central Research Laboratory and Schools of Engineering and Medicine, University of Tokyo, have jointly developed a contrast agent technology for ultra-sonic diagnostic equipment.
The scope includes system integration, contrast agents, pre- and postprocessing algorithms and software for imaging, image understanding, and related informatics that are cancer-specific.