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The key financial officer of a state, private, or Municipal Corporation, who is charged with certain specific responsibilities related to its financial affairs.



See: caretaker, director, employer, principal, superintendent
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The 4115 solid-state power controller is a single-pole, normally open-switching device that accepts any 3-32 VDC control input signal and provides on/off zero-crossover switching of 120 to 480 VAC loads for 40 to 90 amps.
ESG Lab tested a number of these solutions and performance grew as controllers were added in a near linear fashion.
Binniker, distinguished guests, combat controllers, ladies and gentlemen, good evening.
Promise FastTrak controllers also include user-friendly FastBuild software to simplify installation and Promise Array Management (PAM) software, a professional-level visual administration tool to monitor and maintain the storage subsystem locally or remotely.
If one of the three drives is actually removed, a RAID controller recreates the missing data in realtime, based on the bits of data remaining on the other two drives.
One option you have is to hire a part-time controller, private business consultant or other independent specialist to handle specific financial tasks.
The batch weight, return sand moisture and the multi-temperatures are integrated in the computer section of the controller, which calculates the moisture to within one-tenth of a gallon of the needed water volume to achieve the desired discharge moisture level.
Also introducing Maco Breeze II parison controller for a wide variety of blow molding machines and stand-alone Web-based machine diagnostics system--an easy-to-configure, user-selectable, PC-based data-acquisition system.
As in non-clustered virtual arrays, one must decide which controller to provision and assign a LUN through before its creation.
SST's ATA Flash Disk Controller can recognize up to five external flash memory devices, up to 1 Gigabit density each, to create as large as a 640 MByte flash drive.

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