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CONTROLLERS. Officers who are appointed, to examine the accounts of other officers. More usually written comptrollers. (q.v.)

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The horizontal lines in the chart show bandwidth limits of various host side links used in these controllers. The Ultra 320 solutions employ native PCI-X, which is available in widths of 32 & 64 bits and frequencies of 66, 100, and 133 MHz.
Our network comprises 15,000 CFOs, VPs of Finance, Treasurers and Controllers, from companies across all industries.
Here, the controller output is proportional to both the amount and duration of the error signal.
We need to continue to invest in the kind of training, assignments and experiences that allow us to produce professional combat controllers who have amazed the world by calling dangerously close CAS (close air support) missions from various Air Force and Navy aircraft, including B-52s flying at 39,000 feet, and who raised again the Stars and Stripes over the American Embassy in Kabul.
A RAID controller keeps track of the different physical disks and allocates storage space on all of these disks in a particular manner called striping.
Our Gunn Partners study sees the likelihood of a much slower and more difficult transition to business partner than most controllers anticipate.
The annual pay of controllers ranges from $19,000 to $55,000.
There are some hidden costs to the Xbox Adaptive Controller. The default controller on its own will likely not work for every player's individual needs, so Microsoft has a ( separate store page for a litany of different accessories that are compatible with the device.
Line of 1/32 and 1/16 DIN temperature controllers for extruders and mold-temperature controllers that require PID control for both heating and cooling.
Lawmakers reject effort to nullify FAA controller contract.
The 87 percent of treasurers earning awards in 1995 received an average of 30 percent of base salary, and the 87 percent of controllers who earned awards averaged 27 percent of their 1995 base salary.
The added key layout only applies to the first generation Elite Controller. The recently announced Microsoft controllers do not cover the support.

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