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CONTUSION, med. jurisp. An injury or lesion, arising from the shock of a body with a large surface, which presents no loss of substance, and no apparent wound. If the skin be divided, the injury takes the name of a contused wound. Vide 1 Ch. Pr, 38; 4 Carr. & P. 381, 487, 558, 565; 6 Carr. & P. 684; 2 Beck's Med. Jur. 178.

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In fact, a man on horseback galloped down, before the passengers were well collected together; and a careful investigation being instituted, it appeared that the lady inside had broken her lamp, and the gentleman his head; that the two front outsides had escaped with black eyes; the box with a bloody nose; the coachman with a contusion on the temple; Mr Squeers with a portmanteau bruise on his back; and the remaining passengers without any injury at all--thanks to the softness of the snow-drift in which they had been overturned.
The head had received a severe contusion, but he had seen greater injuries recovered from: he was by no means hopeless; he spoke cheerfully.
Admis en clinique a Gafsa, apres l'agression qui lui a occasionne une fracture du pied et des contusions au visage, Adnene Hajji est intervenu via Skype pour appeler le gouvernement a approfondir les investigations et devoiler l'identite les auteurs.
Forensic report showed that both Arnaiz and De Guzman sustained blunt injuries to the head and body that caused swellings, contusions, and abrasions.
In a previous report, 30%–75% of pulmonary contusions consequent to blunt thoracic trauma were caused by vehicular accidents.
However, it is well known that bone contusions commonly occur at the time of an anterior cruciate ligament tear, and this itself is not uncommon with a simple twisting type injury.
He has contusions (bleeding and tissue damage) in brain and lungs, the pellets perforating his eyes also,' a doctor attending to him and examining his CT scan said.
Both abrasions and contusions may display an imprint pattern of the inflicting object or a material juxtaposed between the skin and the object (such as a clothing zipper).
Intra-axial lesions like contusions, ICH, IVH, DAI (focal and diffuse) etc.
The tourist was found to have suffered contusions to his neck and the driver of the car was injured his right foot.
It never happened," Terra told the interviewer, as Tonya pointed out that Christy supposedly suffered two contusions from a past abusive relationship and that's probably what showed up on her test results.
He said: "I have contusions of the lung and torn cartilage around my ribs.