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Derived from or contingent upon the mutual agreement of the parties, as opposed to that created by or dependent upon a statute or other act of the law.

A conventional home mortgage is one in which the interest rate is agreed upon by the parties to it: the borrower and the lender.

West's Encyclopedia of American Law, edition 2. Copyright 2008 The Gale Group, Inc. All rights reserved.

HEIR, CONVENTIONAL, civil law. A conventional heir is one who takes a succession by virtue of a contract; for example, a marriage contract, which entitles the heir to the succession.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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While there is no question that nuclear weapons reduce the possibility of a large-scale conventional war between two nuclear-armed states, there is still a real possibility that such a war might happen.
"For personal finance, the ratio has gone up from 46 per cent to 49 per cent while for conventional it has fallen.
The 2011 Qatari Central Bank's (QCB) barring of Islamic windows at conventional banks led to consolidation of Islamic banking assets at four Islamic banks.
In the conjoint analysis experiment used in my research, Islamic banking customers were offered two Shari'ah-compliant and two conventional offers on a computer display.
Many express concerns about the productivity differential and financial viability of organic farming relative to conventional methods (Sahs et al., 1998; Liebhardt, 2001; de Ponti et al., 2012).
Table 1 presents evaluation results comparing digital images to conventional radiographs in determining the clarity of periapical lesions and the quality of root canal treatment.
Islam, Alam, and Hossain [3] evaluated and compared the profitability of Islamic banks and conventional banks in Bangladesh.
Field measurements of greenhouse gas emissions indicated that both systems emitted 3.75 pounds of nitrous oxide per acre every year--measurements that cumulatively represent 4.74 percent of the nitrogen added to the conventional system and 9.26 percent of the nitrogen added to the organic system.
"Islamic fund fees are generally in line with conventional fund fees as there is a requirement to be competitive with conventional funds, similar to what is practiced in Islamic retail banks to remain competitive," Nida Raza, Director of the Global Islamic Center of Excellence at Ernst & Young, told Islamic Business & Finance.
Unconventional oil and gas resources are often located in the same sedimentary basins as conventional oil and gas fields.
Among the top-ranked funds in the second quartere, conventional categories were: Markaz Arabian Fund in the MENA Equity conventional category, Gulf Gate Fund in the GCC Equity conventional category, Al-Arabi Saudi Equity Fund in the Saudi Arabia Equity conventional category, Al-Mal UAE Equity Fund in the UAE Equity conventional category and Arab African International Bank Investment Fund in the Egypt Equity conventional category.
From when the financial crisis started, the stock market performance of Islamic banks has generally mirrored the largely downward trend of conventional banks.

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