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According to the company, "every major and critical measurement such as vibration, shock waves, extensive flying debris, size of rock fragmentation, dust, toxic fumes, no damage to the floor or ceiling of the tunnel, was far better with our product than with the conventional explosive.
As a result there is no curve as with conventional explosives.
One would think that such conventional explosive devices, which do come under a strict definition of chemical warfare, would be preferentially outlawed by civilized peoples.
More than ever, airports need a complete and cost effective screening solution that can not only detect conventional explosive threats but also differentiate between threatening and benign liquids," said Ajay Mehra, President, Rapiscan Systems.
A dirty bomb is designed to spread radioactive material by combining it with conventional explosive.
It is relatively easy to build and uses a conventional explosive, such as dynamite, to shower an area with radioactive material.
A dirty bomb combines a conventional explosive, such as dynamite, with radioactive material.
It is feared terrorists could use the crude devices - which use conventional explosive to spread radioactive material - in British cities.
A dirty bomb is a conventional explosive wrapped with radioactive material, which scatters when the bomb goes off.
The bombs have the power of 1000lbs of conventional explosive and are light enough to be carried with ease.
It consists of a conventional explosive such as dynamite packaged with radioactive material that scatters when the bomb goes off.
A city-centre strike by a dirty bomb, a conventional explosive along with nuclear material, would cause carnage.

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