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CONVERSANT. One who is in the habit of being in a particular place, is said to be conversant there. Barnes, 162.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Converser was established in 2011, and has developed a conversation management platform for mobile app marketers.
Apres avoir servi tous les membres de notre groupe, il pose la bouteille sur le sol et nous continuons a converser. Quelques minutes plus tard, il reprend Yhervido.
Lawrence recognizes the hierophany--in Mircea Eliade's terms (11)--already encoded in our language: namely, communication is communion, "intercourse" signifies both verbal and sexual exchange, and "conversation" means both speech and cohabitation (via the French converser, meaning both "to talk with" and "to live with").
If we had used a cellular telephone condition, then it would have differed from the passenger condition in both converser proximity and ability to monitor driving conditions.
Columnist, interviewer, writer - and converser with the Phantom of Love.
Stael presenta son salon comme l'un des lieux ou l'elite parisienne avait la possibilite de se reunir et de converser librement:
Dieu sera peut-etre content d'avoir quelqu'un avec qui converser, a ecrit une personne (5).
Board members of the Applied Voice Input/Output Society (AVIOS) honored Spoken Translation's Converser Medical Translation product with the Leon Lerman Best of Show Award, selected from among the products and innovations showcased at SpeechTEK West.
Au cours d'innombrables conversations avec sa "maitresse," il se voit souvent ridiculise ou destabilise dans sa maniere de converser; reduit a un silence frustrant, il ne sait plus que dire.