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CONVEYANCER. One who makes it his business to draw deeds of conveyance of lands for others., 3 Bouv. Inst. n. 2422.
     2. It is usual also for conveyancers to act as brokers for the seller. In these cases the conveyancer should examine with scrupulous exactness into the title of the lands which are conveyed by his agency, and, if this be good, to be very cautious that the estate be, not encumbered. In cases of doubt he should invariably propose to his employer to take the advice of his counsel.
     3. Conveyancers also act as brokers for the loan of money on real estate, Secured by mortgage. The same care should be observed in these cases.

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If your conveyancer tells you something else is needed: make them tell you why - they need to be able to justify why they are spending even more of your money.
Previously the customer's conveyancer has usually undertaken both parties' legal work.
For many people, buying or selling property may only occur once or twice in their lifetime and so they may find it difficult to assess whether a conveyancer has the level of competence to efficiently represent their interests.
Anne Marie Graham joins the firm as an assistant conveyancer working from the Huyton office.
There are various different mining searches and your conveyancer will tell you which you need, if any.
The LFS Conveyancing Conference and Awards acknowledge the successes of law firms, solicitors and licensed conveyancers.
com)-- The recent collaboration between DPS Software and ETSOS enables conveyancers to use the market leading and only fully Outlook-integrated conveyancing system seamlessly connected to the UK's number one conveyancing search specialist.
Anyone who is buying should make certain their conveyancer undertakes the necessary flood checks.
Peter Ross, director and conveyancer for Gateshead estate agent Ross Estates Ltd, appeared at Newcastle Magistrates' Court.
50) The Queensland Law Society was given the power to issue 'solicitors' certificates to any solicitor or barrister who wished to practise as a solicitor, (51) and 'conveyancers' certificates to any conveyancer who wished to practise as a conveyancer.
A dodgy conveyancer is used to inflate the value of the properties on these dummy sales, creating a false price bracket.