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That will help you find something you have in common that you can use to lead the rest of the convo," says Myka.
The next time you see him or her, say hi, ask about <whatever it is> and voila--you've got yourself a convo.
So instead of saying the words, they'll send (sometimes confusing) signals just to spare themselves the convo.
THE SITCH "I was trying my best to keep our convo going, but my date wasn't.
So next time you start clamming up in a convo, try to chime in with a few fab facts about yourself-like how you can't live without the caf's cronuts or how you love to come up with creative Halloween costumes.
Ask him to whip you up a Pink Starburst off the secret menu--then start a convo between sips.
But this merry season, let your friends and family do the chatting--your only input to the convo is an open ear and supportive hug.
Once you thank him and get settled, you make some light convo 'til you pull into school.
Simply spark up a casual convo with your frenemy, give the ex a friendly wave and compliment the teacher's pet on her new 'do.
dinner with friends or fam or changing the subject when the convo goes quiet.
Starting the convo with a parent or a trusted adult can be tough, says Rick Clemons, a life coach and author of Frankly My Dear I'm Gay.