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Corollaries 9 and 10 give theoretical basis for approximating convolution operator (2) with a Laguerre series.
After presenting some preliminaries in Section 2, we are going to characterize all finite codimensional invariant subspaces of a cyclic convolution operator, in Section 3.
Besides the introduction of stretched coordinate metrics into the Maxwell's equations, the convolution operator is also accelerated using the recursive convolution (RC) method proposed originally by Lubber et al.
1] is also a convolution operator and has a kernel b that satisfies
n], r is the gradient and * is the convolution operator product for generalized functions (see [1]).
Dixit, An application of certain convolution operator involving hypergeometric functions, Journal of Rajasthan Academy of Physical Sciences, vol.
R], then we can define the right convolution operator of quaternion variable
All of these requirements can be met by choosing the convolution operator,
We remark in passing that a more general convolution operator then the operator [D.
It is well known that in infinite dimensional complex analysis the convolution operator on a general function space F is defined as a continuous operator which commutes with the translation operator.