cooperative society

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The bureau is conducting investigation into former chairman Fisherman Cooperative Society Nisar Morai, Sultan Qamar and his accomplices on allegations of more than 400 illegal appointments and embezzlement of funds worth over Rs 500 million.
We have been working well with this cooperative society.
Coming together and forming a marketing cooperative society just like other farmers in dairy farming, coffee farming to name but a few will give a collective bargaining power over how you sell your poultry products.
He valued highly the efforts exerted by the Isa Town Consumer Cooperative Society in the development fields, as well as its efforts to promote the culture of voluntary work in society.
This service is available through some branches of the Abu Dhabi Cooperative Society - Sabar Al Shamkha (Makani Mall), Al Mina (premises of Abu Dhabi Cooperative Society), Abu Dhabi Mall, and Al Muroor.
Al-Sabeeh, also Minister of State for Planning and Development, announced that Adailyya Cooperative Society would be the second to turn to solar power in the coming period.
A series of forums sponsored by the Cooperative Development Authority and convened by the Asian Institute of Journalism and Communication, the outputs of the discussions consisted of a Cooperative Credo, Manifestos of Concern, a Covenant of Cooperatives and Political Parties for a Filipino Cooperative Society, and summaries of proceedings and recommendations.
Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (ADIB), a top-tier Islamic financial services institution, has granted a AED 450 million Islamic finance facilities to Al Dhafra Cooperative Society to fund working capital and capital expenditure.
Fleming was referring to the recent hand-over of the "Northern II," a former deep sea bottom trawler, by the environmental organization Oceana to the Placencia Producers Cooperative Society, to be used in a seaweed farming venture.
Governor Chandrasri was addressing at the Puloly MPCS, Point Pedro yesterday and said that Puloly Primary Cooperative Society was one of the pioneer cooperative societies in the North and expressed his satisfaction as the society was running profitably.
The ATM services provisioned by ESDS for Samata Cooperative Society were inaugurated by Shri.

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