Copies of husband's documents in court case

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My attorney discovered and deposed my husband to get his financial information. My husbands attorney in return, discovered me. I handed in the necessary documents and asked my attorney to get them back when they were finished with them. Apparently she tried several times but the other attorney kept putting her off. She finally found out, through the attorney's secretary, that he had given my documents to my husband to look over. He wouldn't give them back to his lawyer so that they could be returned to me. My attorney sent a fax to his saying if we didn't have them back by a certain date, we would take judicial action. Fortunately, we did get them back. My question is: Shouldn't this attorney be penalized some how for allowing his client access to my documents outside of his office?? My understanding is that you can view the other person's documents but in the prescience of the attorney. I was able to view my husband's papers but only in my attorney's office e and I was not able to take anything home with me. What action can be taken to let this attorney know what he did was not right?? My attorney says there isn't anything I can do - especially because this attorney is the head of the bar association in our county.


You are allowed to have all copies etc. that you want; originals must be protected but the most you probably can do now is ask the court to fine or sanction your husband and his attorney--
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